Turbo 5.0 Ford Small Block: Big Power with Small Boost!

The 5.0-liter Ford engine is a favorite of the Speed Secrets crew, so if there’s one thing they’re dying to test, it’s a 5.0L, and not any 5.0L, but one turbo power! To learn how to put together a great engine meant for boost, the experts at COMP Cams lend a hand to set up a great foundation.

Making a great boosted engine first requires making a great naturally aspirated engine. While, yes, it’s possible to add boost from a turbo to a stock 5.0L engine and get good results, but why waste the opportunity to get even bigger gains. The truth is, under boost, the effects of upgraded cylinder heads, intake, and camshaft are multiplied, so you get even more horsepower.

With a set of upgraded heads, better flowing intake, and XE274HR camshaft from COMP Cams, the engine is now more capable of handling boost – and will do great N/A as well. After these modifications, the engine gets an eBay sourced GT-45 turbocharger and air-to-water intercooler. However, before boost, it’s dyno time for the 5.0L engine – it puts down 387-horsepower and 375 lbs/ft of torque with modifications, before the boost.

Before the boost is cranked up on the 5.0L, it is decided not to crank it all the way up due to the weakness of the stock engine block. After tuning the engine, the engine gets 5.6 PSI. The turbo 5.0L now produces 487-horsepower and 500 lbs/ft of torque. With 7.8 PSI of boost, the engine puts out 550-horsepower and 558 lbs/ft of torque. So the results tell us that the right combination of a power N/A build and boost makes for winning power!


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